What is Infinite Global?

Infinite Global is an award-winning communications firm providing PR, Branding and Content services. Led by seasoned media professionals and top creative directors, we help professional services firms and other complex businesses demonstrate their expertise to sophisticated audiences.

Our roots are in the legal sector, where our unrivaled depth of knowledge allows us to provide counsel to the world’s largest, most profitable and most specialized law firms. Other professional services firms look to us for a nuanced understanding of their businesses, a clear sense of the kinds of stories that make news, and tested knowledge of when and how to engage the media.

Our unwavering client focus sets us apart. Our approach and success earns accolades from our clients and peers, including winning The National Law Journal’s “Best PR Firm” award seven years running. But the most flattering honor we receive is the vote of confidence from our clients who retain us year after year, including many that have worked with us for a decade or more.