RIP Henry Davidson, long live HDD

RIP Henry Davidson, long live HDD



Henry Davidson Developments – a retail-led developer specialising in mixed-use developments – has been part of Development Securities plc since 2010. By 2012 the HDD brand and materials no longer reflected the team’s passion and expertise. We were asked to conduct a comprehensive review of communications collateral to address this.


We carried out a perceptions audit of clients, stakeholders and staff to determine the elements of the brand to retain, the ones to refresh and the ones to change. We also consulted with staff to identify the values they wanted to see encapsulated in the new brand.


As a result of the insights gained from the audit we were asked to create and manage a full re-brand. We gave the company a new name, new logo, website, corporate brochure, bid documents, Powerpoint templates and stationery. HDD was launched in October 2013. The client summarised the results in three words: "it’s looking smashing".