Attorneys vs. Accountants – Who is Winning the Content Battle

Attorneys vs. Accountants – Who is Winning the Content Battle


By Abby Major

Professional services firms spend thousands to millions of dollars every year creating content so they can market their expertise. It’s a big investment – a lot of opportunity cost – yet many firms do not have in place a comprehensive way to measure ROI.

Social media shares is one important way to measure content success. Infinite Global (the largest public relations firm in the world serving the professional services industry) recently partnered with BuzzSumo (content analysis software used by companies such as BuzzFeed, Spotify, News Corp, HubSpot, and more) to analyze and compare content social media amplification in two industries: legal and accounting. Our findings assess which industry is employing the better content strategy, and provides benchmarks and ideas firms can use to assess and improve their content strategy.

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