Digital branding

The infinite possibilities of ones and zeros

We combine technical expertise, strategic excellence and creative flair to ensure clients have an appropriate and effective digital presence.

Integrating platforms is always front of mind when we develop or enhance a digital brand. We audit digital media presence, write bespoke policies and guidelines, make recommendations on multichannel/multiplatform integration, and provide training and workshops. In addition, we advise on social media campaigns and online monitoring — using the latest tools and channels — as well as social media crisis strategy.

▪  Digital presence audit
▪  Digital strategy
▪  Digital policy and guidelines
▪  Multichannel/multiplatform integration recommendations
▪  Website optimization consultancy
▪  Website copywriting
▪  Visual and image consultancy for websites and social channels
▪  Custom training and workshops
▪  Intranet and internal digital platform consultancy

Digital branding spotlight