Crisis communications

Experienced counsel when messages matter most

Infinite Global works behind the scenes to protect the reputations of organizations and individuals facing public controversies. We work in concert with clients’ existing media and legal teams to offer specialist counsel and tactical support. We offer:

▪  Incident triage
▪  Combating anti-corporate campaigns / allegations of wrongdoing
▪  Internal/employee communications
▪  Crisis planning and management processes
▪  Crisis readiness assessments / stress-tests
▪  Crisis scenario role-playing
▪  Rapid response and rebuttal mechanisms
▪  Risk management
▪  Emergency 24-hour press office management

In addition, our most important work begins before a crisis hits. Time and resources spent planning tend to be a fraction of what it takes to mend a damaged reputation in the aftermath of a crisis. To this end our Crisis Communications Playbook provides an invaluable, tailored framework to help your organization prepare for, and deftly handle, any crisis.

Crisis communications spotlight