Litigation communications

Winning in the court of public opinion

Litigation is fraught with reputational risk. Allegations can be reported and amplified in the media, especially on the internet, where without swift action accusation can be perceived as fact. Effective messaging requires tact, diplomacy and an understanding of the full range of possible ramifications for each comment.

Infinite Global has assisted many of the world’s most prominent law firms and companies with litigation communications strategies. Our background in law enables our team to quickly digest case filings, fact patterns and goals, allowing us to blend seamlessly into a litigation team.

▪  Reputation risk assessment
▪  Scenario testing
▪  Case reviews
▪  Draft statements
▪  Pretrial media coaching
▪  Live case monitoring
▪  Media monitoring, including contempt of court, prejudicial reporting and social media
▪  PR counsel for legal teams
▪  Background briefings
▪  Provision of a media “chaperone” to manage media approaches
▪  Reactive press statements and conferences
▪  Press complaints management to ensure fair and accurate coverage
▪  Managing the court — corralling TV crews and photographers
▪  Reputation management and proactive PR for legal team and client

Litigation communications spotlight